Crypto: What I Learned the Hard Way

The Link Package

CryptoJaggz YouTube Channel
Author of Crypto: What I Learned The Hard Way
Videos about how to set up and safely participate in Crypto

CryptoJaggz Rumble Channel

Crypto Coffee
A fantastic resource for Richard Heart eco-system projects
HEX, PulseChain, PulseX and related projects

Bob Loukis (The 4 Year Journey)
A great resource for long term Crypto investing

Benjamin Cowen
Provides high quality technical analysis (great for knowing if in bull or bear market)

Crypto Savy
Another great TA guy that provides long term view of Crypto

Nigerian Prince Scam

Francesco Firano

ERC-20 Standard

Richard Heart with Doug Polk

Richard Heart’s Free SciVive Self Help Book

Richard Heart’s All Girls 6 hour stream

Winklevoss Twins Discover Bitcoin

Cameron tweets about Bitcoin passing Facebook in Market Cap

Origins of HODL

Origins of FUD,_uncertainty,_and_doubt

Mastering Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto investigation series
The Most Elusive Identity On The Internet – Pt. 1 (Ft. Nexpo)

The Most Elusive Identity On The Internet – Pt. 2

Bitcoin – Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto

The Bitcoin Whitepaper

Raoul Pal 98% of portfolio in Crypto

Raoul Pal Tweets about adding 10 Altcoins

Michael Saylor’s “Bitcoin for Corporations” playbook

One fifth of all USD printed in 2020

Bitcoin Halving Schedule

How does Bitcoin actually work YouTube video

Bruno Block arrested


Series of videos describing how and why Heidi of Crypto Tips renounced her US citizenship

What It Takes to Get a Second Citizenship: St. Kitts

Why I Renounced My U.S. Citizenship & How I Did It

Expert Opinion: The Benefits and Misconceptions of St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship

HUGE Updates for St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program!

History of REKT,origins%20of%20%E2%80%9Crekt%E2%80%9D%20Milhouse%20Van%20Houten%2C%20get%20Rekt.


Dai And How It Works

How to Stake HEX Token Using MetaMask

HEX End Stake Today Calculator

HEX Stake Estimation Calculator

Hackers Are Stealing Crypto by using Clipper Malware

Binance Academy Explanation of Impermanent Loss

Frequently Asked Questions on Virtual Currency Transactions

Bitcoin Correlation With Traditional Markets

Allocation of New Bitcoins By Year

The 15 Biggest Data Breaches of the 21st Century

New evidence Mona Lisa in the Louvre may not be the original.

CNBC Tweets Found to be Contrarian Bitcoin Price Indicator with 95% Accuracy

Main Crypto Resource Websites

Top Reddit Crypto Communities

Nick Szabo paper presenting the concept of Smart Contracts

Many Facts Pointing To Adam Back Being Satoshi

HashCash proposal by Adam Back

HashCash: A Denial of Service Counter-Measure by Adam Back

The BEST Bitcoin & Crypto Investing Strategies THAT ACTUALLY WORK! (Crypto Daily)

Time to Call A Hoax?

Wiki page describing events around Craig Wright trying to prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto

Demystifying Bitcoin’s Remarkably Accurate Price Prediction Model, Stock-To-Flow

BitConnect Famous Video

Uniswap Swap Page

10 Biggest Companies and Hedge Funds Bullish on Ethereum

The Ethereum White Paper,software%20projects%2C%20has%20evolved%20since%20its%20initial%20inception.

Analyzing Bitcoins Network Effect (and Ethereum)

Bitcoin Becomes The Best Performing Asset Of The Decade

Defi Tokens

6 Ways to Earn Passive Income with DeFi Decentralized Finance

Ethereum Definition of an NFT

Most Expensive NFTs

Christie’s NFT Beeple $69 Million Piece of Art

NFTs: All you need to know

Plus Token (PLUS) Scam – Anatomy of a Ponzi

KuCoin Hack Chain Analysis

U.N. experts point finger at North Korea for $281 million cyber theft, KuCoin likely victim

A tax loophole is helping bitcoin holders save tons of cash by avoiding federal taxes

Migrating Your Crypto Assets From Coinbase

19 Blockchain Companies Boosting the Real Estate Industry


CryptoJaggz YouTube Videos on Rumble

Getting Started In Crypto (the safe way!)

Link Your Bank to Coinbase


The Link Package End (for now)

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